s100Project Description
This Crystal® ThermoBlok™ mechanical vinyl replacement window is manufactured with exclusive chambered ThermoBlok™ designer extrusions. These ThermoBlok™ extrusions feature innovative insulating air barrier technology that reduce thermal transference from exterior of window frame to interiors, and “intercept” warm edge glass spacer technology for added thermal protection. These features reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems, providing long term energy efficiency and utility savings to property owners. This value priced series is ideal for home renovation projects, and features easy-to-clean, tilt out sashes that make it popular with home owners.

  • ThermoBlok™ insulating barrier technology in most cases, offers superior thermal protection when compared to wood window frames. This translates into long term energy savings to the home owner.


  • Frame Depth = 3 – 1/4″
  • Bright White Color
  • “warm-edge” technology of choice.
  • Tilt Sashes ~ for safe, easy cleaning of both top and bottom sashes.
  • Full, Width Ergonomic Lift Rail ~ for comfortable & easy operation.
  • Dual Vent Locks ~ limit travel of sashes, maintain ventilation, and impede intruder access.


  • Argon & Low-E ~ to enhance the thermal performance of the window.
  • Between-the-Glass Grids ~ to provide the elegant appearance of divided light.
  • Kick Panel Inserts ~when full glass is not desired.
  • Custom Colors and Finishes
  • Overhead Transom ~ perfect match to door assembly
  • Panning & Interior Trim
  • Swing “In” Operation ~ to accommodate site conditions.
  • Easy Take-Out Locking Balance Shoes & T-Pivot Bar ~ makes sash removal during maintenance safe & easy.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Butterfly Jamb Adjuster ~ large surface adjustable “shim” plate.